Regulate People's Gas Case Study

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Whether the Illinois Commerce Commission has the legislative authority to regulate People’s Gas’ ability to install smart meters and smart pipes in there customers homes, and if Peoples Gas is currently using smart meters and smart pipes.


1. The Illinois Commerce Commission is able to regulate all products, which are mentioned in the Illinois Commerce Commission statute.
2. Peoples Gas is currently using smart meter technology, which is called the SureRead.

The Illinois Commerce Commission has the power to supervise all public utilities in the state of Illinois (220 ILCS 5/4-10). They are also required to inquire into the management of public utility businesses, and to understand the method which utilities
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Its main feature is to broadcast readings to Peoples Gas so they do not have to come into individual homes to calculate how much gas that has been by each customer. Reading Your Meter,, (last visited 6/21/16). Furthermore, these meters will not detect a gas leak if one occurs, and the meters will not inform Peoples Gas if one is having a gas leak. In addition, these meters do not have the capability to automatically shut off during a gas leak. The only thing that this smart meter will do during a gas leak is document in a weekly report that the house or apartment building is using more gas than usual. Moreover, if there was a gas leak, someone from Peoples Gas has to physically go to the home or apartment and shut off the gas. Interview with (Patricia Jones), Customer Service Manager, Peoples Gas (6/21/16).
Based on these findings, it is clear that the Illinois Commerce Commissions has the authority to approve of products, and approve of the way the company uses certain products, including smart meters. In addition, although Peoples Gas is using smart meter technology, there meters are unable to detect a gas leak or automatically turn off when there is a gas leak. Therefore, one would most likely not prevail if they brought a cause of action on the basis of a defective smart
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