Regulating Electronic Cigarettes : Electronic Cigarette

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Cerro Scherer and Tanner Abourezk Mrs. Houseberg Sophomore english 5 February 2015 Regulating Electronic cigarettes Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigs or vape pens are so often negatively looked upon as sources of addiction, rather than the health cigarette substitute they really are. E-cigarettes allow the delivery of nicotine to the blood without the nasty side effects caused by tars and carcinogens in traditional cigarettes. The electronic cigarette was patented by Herbert A. Gilbert in 1963, who lived in a society where smoking was generally accepted or even the norm but he saw the dangers of smoking tobacco and was one of the first to try to innovate alternate intake methods. 40 years later Han Lik, a chinese businessman, began to further expand on Herbert A. Gilberts idea of delivery of nicotine without the plethora of harmful chemicals in a lit cigarette. An electronic cigarette is a battery powered device often designed to look like a regular cigarette, inside the e-cig is an atomizer which heats up a liquid containing nicotine. When heated up the liquid becomes a vapor that can be inhaled, similar to cigarette smoke. The FDA (Federal Drug Agency) wants to regulate the sale and advertisement of e-cigs and require manufacturers to acquire an expensive medical license. If these regulations were put into place and enforced it would limit innovation and stifle innovation. Many of the e-cig companies are small or medium sized and family owned and if
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