Regulating Genetic Engineering

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Genetic engineering is the scientific process of adding or removing certain genetic material from an embryo so it will develop specific characteristics (Silver 129). Genetic modification allows for the prevention of genetic disorders as well as the development of better pharmaceutical drugs that can give people longer and healthier lives. Despite these positive uses of genetic modification many people are wary of its practicality and ethics. However, the present genetic engineering has not advanced enough to be feasible on human embryos and has only been used on various crops and animals. As science continues to move forward and new developments arise in the field of cloning, genetic engineering can soon become a reality. The future use of…show more content…
In order to prevent unethical and unsafe practices from occurring, genetic manipulation should be strictly regulated. There should be a specific government department that can be in charge of regulating the operation of genetic modification facilities. This new government organization would operate similarly to the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) by regulating genetic engineering at every level. Adherence to the code of ethics will be mandatory long before the embryo is allowed to reach the lab. The embryo used for the genetic engineering process will be allowed to do so only if informed consent of the mother is given and the fetus has not yet had a heartbeat. Then as the process continues, the safety of both the mother and eventual baby will be of paramount importance and therefore any practice that violates their safety will be shut down. Parents will also not be allowed to change their developing child for superficial reasons. Manipulation that changes how attractive, intelligent, or athletic the child will be would not be allowed. For if these kinds of traits were changed it would give certain people advantages over others and possible discrimination could ensue. This should also quell some of the controversy over ‘playing God’ by only allowing genetic manipulation to prevent genetic diseases and disorders. Those that do not abide…show more content…
Genetic modification is vital in the advancing human medicine and can combat consequences that could arise as a result of the manipulation through researched treatments. If put into practice genetic modification would follow strict ethical guidelines to account for people who would disagree with the process. However, most importantly the use of genetic engineering could lead to other discoveries that could transform life on Earth and lead humanity into a more enlightened time. This is why it is critical to keep supporting the genetic engineering field and to leave the stigma behind in order to give the world a better
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