Regulating the Bluefin Tuna Fisheries

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Scientists are wondered how to remedy the situation of regulating the Bluefin Tuna Fisheries. [Therefore, scientists estimate that Eastern routine of adult Bluefin has had reduction by 80% since 1970s], _ (European Commission Fisheries 14/01/2013). In 2006, in International Commission for the conservation of Atlantic Bluefin tunas has been discussed, and has had a long-term plan so that there will strict rule for catching the Bluefin Tuna and implement this idea. However, this issue hasn’t reached the solution. As a result, it has impact on other sections such as unemployment, and losing the species of the Bluefin Tuna. This paper states that there must be new rules for the prevention Bluefin Tuna by reporting different commission’s helpful suggestions.
For this issue, mostly, European Commission, countries such as Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Italy and France, Gulf of Mexico, the U.S.A National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas and also Japan(as a country for importing Tuna for sushi)are involved in order to tackle this obstacle.
One way to tackle the situation would be [prohibiting the fishing of endangered Bluefin tuna in the eastern Atlanta and Mediterranean for the rest of the year],_(European Commission Fisheries 14/01/2013). In the European Commission, this was conversed in order to reach a compromise for the issue. EU and International rules
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