Regulation of Advertising and Promotion Essay

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Chapter 20 Regulation of Advertising and Promotion True / False Questions 1. Regulatory concerns never play a major role in the advertising decision-making process. True False 2. Self-regulation and control of advertising emanate from individual advertisers and their agencies. True False 3. Self-regulation begins with the interaction of client and agency when creative ideas are generated and submitted for consideration. True False 4. Policies and procedures for industry self-regulation are established by the Advertising Self-Regulatory Council. True False 5. Federal law requires that advertisers possess substantiation for their advertising claims before the claims are published. True False 6.…show more content…
A. Both government regulatory agencies and consumer groups are against advertising by members of professional associations. B. Professional associations have always authorized advertising by their members on the basis that such promotional activities heighten members' professional status. C. Research has shown that consumers generally disfavor the use of professional advertising. D. The Supreme Court has ruled that professionals, such as dentists and physicians, have the right to advertise. E. Professional advertising is typically considered unethical and fraudulent. 26. Which of the following statements concerning advertising by attorneys is true? A. A sizable faction within the American Bar Association blames the legal profession's image problem on sleazy ads. B. The U.S. Supreme Court does not permit lawyers to advertise if they earn more than $100,000 per year. C. Ads soliciting personal injury victims help in enhancing the public's perception of attorneys. D. The American Bar Association recently removed all restrictions on the type of advertising attorneys can use. E. Typically, traditional law firms are in favor of using advertising, particularly on TV, because they believe that it might boost a profession's image. 27. A number of self-regulatory mechanisms have been established by the business community in an effort to control advertising practices, and
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