Regulation of Violent Video Games

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Issue: Video games are the primary source of entertainment for children nowadays. Be it in form of Wii Games, Nintendo or Xbox; children nowadays seems to be practically smitten with video games. It was also shown as evidence in some cases that the influence of such games is so huge that few children start speaking and acting like characters in the video games. Many video games, dating back to 1976’s Death Race, contain some or other aspect of violence, such as killing the bad person, driving dangerous vehicle etc. With advancement in graphic technology including software, modern computers and other game related technology, the way in which such violence and other extreme sports are being depicted has become more vivid and realistic. Further, as more and more children are getting exposed violent games, there is a growing awareness among both parents and the government for regulation of such games. Also, apart from the fact that people were, in general, becoming more aware and conscious, numerous studies were also being done to find connection between violent video games and the rate at which violence and crime is growing. Some of these studies showed existence of a positive correlation. Incidents such as the massacre at Columbine High School in 1999 heightened concerns of a potential connection between video games and violent actions. Many independent social workers including politicians were continuously trying to evoke public response towards sale of such violent video
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