Regulation of the Internet

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Course Reflection: Regulation of the Internet
The government has always been concerned with issues of national security. They have, in the past, kept information secret even from the American people because of perceived threat to the safety of the citizenry. With the advent of the internet and the massive amounts of information that can be found with a click of a few buttons, the issue has become whether or not this technology poses a severe threat to American security. At the same time, for some people the issue has been about free speech and the 1st Amendment to the Constitution. All these factors need to be taken into account when ultimately deciding a perspective on the issue of regulation of the internet. It is my contention that the government only needs to regulate the internet in cases where there might be a danger to national security or in terms of criminal behavior such as using the internet to share or download child pornography. If these two things are not clear and present, then the government should not be involved but should allow websites to continue without interference.
Everything is done online nowadays, including shopping, banking, and paying bills. There is also social networking and constant communication. These can be wonderful things because they are convenient and let us meet new people. However, there is a downside to the internet and it is in this branch of things that the government should be involved. There are definitely some things which
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