Regulation on Cloud to Protect User Privacy

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Regulation on Cloud to Protect User Privacy This essay discusses regulation that rules cloud provider to protect privacy of data citizens within country. This essay will describe about what cloud services and its wide range of service In the second section, it will explain more about the security threat of cloud services and going more specific into privacy issue. The next section, I will discuss about the extent of technical regulation that porposed from case given by taking model from exist country regulation. In the Fourth section, this essay will discuss about evaluation and another policy as alternative of the previous policy. Finally, this essay will be closed by suggestion and conclusion about what regulation that should be…show more content…
There is wide range of services that could be provided by cloud providers. Based on blabla, there are 3 models of cloud services that widely popular. They are Infratructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). IaaS provides for fundamental resource for computing such as processing, servers, storage, networks and manage its physical infrastructures but costumers have control for their OS [fn1]. PaaS provides design, tools or Environment with IDE. It is usually used by software developer who wants to run their application over internet. SaaS delivers ready-use software over internet or we can called as web-based software. Cloud users neither have to maintain platform or infrastructures. These days this services gain money from advertising or user list sales for example Google mail service so users can enjoy it free. Security Issue in Cloud Services From the previous section, we see a very wide range of services provided by cloud technology. The main idea of cloud is dealing with connection from internet and make internet as its “computer-based”. Therefore, maintaining security in the cloud is like safeguarding the jungle because every weakness in network link are adversary’s opportunity to harm our properties. Security concerns in cloud services could be related to Integrity, for instances users who use PaaS will not let anyone influence or change his application code. Another concern is confidentiality

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