Regulations And Legislation Of Safe Working Practices

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Regulations and legislation in safe working practices are needed because they enforce safety in the workplace. Safety in a workplace is important because it helps to keep employees from getting injured or worse. An example of relevant health and safety legislations include the Health and Safety Work Act of 1974. The Health and Safety Work Act is an act of parliament and it is used to put a duty on all employers to ensure health, safety and welfare of their employees while at work. The Health and Safety Work Act is also responsible for a variety of things at work including; safe use and storage of hazardous substances, good training for all employees and safe access to the workplace. However, if the Health and Safety work act 1974 was not in place then this would put the health, safety and welfare of employees at work at risk because they might not have had the correct training for their position or the incorrect storage of hazardous chemicals may have released harmful fumes this could affect them through inhaling the fumes and depending on the chemical depends on the harm it could do to you.
Material datasheets are used in a workplace because they contain information on the potential hazards to health and how you can work safety with chemical products. The datasheets contains information on the use, storage and the procedures in an emergency when using hazardous materials but the material datasheets are actually used to explain the hazards of different products and how to
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