Regulatory Agency Essay

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Running Head: REGULATORY AGENCY 1 Regulatory Agency REGULATORY AGENCY 2 Prison health care provides the inmates with medical care from the prisons correctional health provider. There are many thoughts about why inmates should receive health care and one reason is that even though the inmates have committed crimes, he or she still needs medical treatment just as an individual that is not incarcerated. Problems, such as mental health, health and substance abuse tend to be more apparent in the prisons than within the communities. There are…show more content…
The NCCHC is a not-for-profit, 501 (c) (3) organization committed to improving the quality of care in our Nation’s prisons, jails, and juvenile detention and confinement facilities (NCCHC retrieved from: Overall, the NCCHC has been able to offer many services and resources that have helped the correctional facilities health care system to be able to provide efficient and quality care. Making sure that each correctional institute provides the proper resources for its inmates is a major concern of the NCCHC and is something that the NCCHC will make sure is corrected so that each inmates is entitled to the proper health care treatment needed to take care of any illness or disease he or she may have. The NCCHC’s impact of health care has been to provide and improve the quality of health care of those people that are incarcerated, which is based upon human rights and the fundamental public health principles of the health of each community. The United States has a high amount of people that are incarcerated, which can lead to a higher rate of infections, mental health problems, drug abuse, and diseases. Many of the people that are incarcerated are unemployed,

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