Regulatory Compliance in the Health Care Institution

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Nursing management 1. Regulatory compliance in the health care institution The health care institution has traditionally been focused on the provision of high quality medical services. In more recent years however, while the institution preserved attention to the medical act, it also became more attentive to other business and administrative aspects. Some examples at this level include the more cautionary management and allocation of the resources, the recovery of the costs owed for the medical services provided or the ability to implement regulatory compliance. At the level of regulations, these are generally multiple and a complexity is revealed at the level of compliance. The difficulty in compliance can be generated by a wide array of forces, such as insufficient knowledge of the firm, or even the fact that diverse policies apply to diverse institutions. In such a setting then, the means in which the regulations are applied to the health care institution depend on a wide array of traits, such as the size of the organization, the nature of the services and / or medical products it delivers, the ownership of the entity (i.e. publicly traded or owned by the government) and so on (NetIQ, 2006). Throughout the current organization the hospital the compliance with regulations is addressed in an organized, yet to limited degree. Specifically, the institution sometimes organizes meetings in which all health care providers in the hospital are expected to attend. These
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