Regulatory Requirements Governing Produced Water Management

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Janani Srinivasan
Instructed by Melinda E Taylor
Centre for Global Energy, International Arbitration and Environmental Law
September 22, 2014

Produced Water Management From CBM operations
Regulatory Requirements Governing Produced Water Management

‘Methane’ is the primary source of natural gas and the methane settlement found in coal seams is called ‘Coal Bed Methane’ a.k.a. CBM. Unlike conventional sources of energy, the extraction mechanism of CBM is very unique. Earlier methane used to be extracted through biological processes like Methanogenesis by formation of microbes, or a thermal processes where as wells are drilled deeper into the coal seam the temperature rises steeply and as a result thermogenic gas is created from buried organic material. The latest extraction technology uses water pumped from wells drilled into the coal seam thereby depreassurising the water held in the seam and results in the free flow of methane gas which is pipped and marketed. This technology grabbed popularity among energy traders and geophysicists and was considered as an ‘eco-friendly’ technique of CBM extraction unlike other extraction processes which required mining or combustion of coal. Though in comparison, this hydraulic technique is not as polluting as mining or combustion, the water which is produced from such operation can contain harmful and hazardous radio active material from the earth, thus if not regulated and discharged in a safe and proper manner it could pose extreme
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