Rehab Paper

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September 05 2011

Rehabilitation Paper Parole happens when the release of an inmate, before the termination of the inmate’s court-imposed sentence, with a period of supervision to be successfully completed by compliance with the conditions and terms of the release agreement ordered by the Commission. The decision of the Commission to parole an inmate shall stand for an act of grace of the State and should not be considered a right. Probation is a period of supervision in the community imposed by the court as an alternative to imprisonment. These offenders are supervised by the Department of Corrections. While on probation, a condition of the sentence may be to have weekly or monthly meetings with a probation
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Recommendation 10 - Engage the community to help reduce the likelihood offenders will return to a life of offense. Critical thinking, positive relationships, and healthy behaviors are critical to offenders' success upon release. Recommendation 11 - Increase structured guidelines to respond to technical parole violations, based on risk and seriousness. Sanctions and incentives are important tools. While each state's arrangement for parole is varied, these recommendations can easily be adapted by legislative and corrections leaders to apply to their probation and parole practices. Proposal 11 is predominantly important because many technical violations of probation and parole often result in a return to prison for people who have not committed a new crime and may be handling the transition from prison well. While we certainly want these people following the rules, sending them to prison without committing a new crime wipes out the progress they have made while in the general public (probation and parole, 2010).
Prisons in Afghanistan are in grave violation of international standards for those held in detention. They are entirely inadequate for the care of the number of people now held there, the food is insufficient, the water supply unclean, sanitation virtually absent, clothing meager, and barred walls open to the elements expose the inhabitants to winter conditions. Disease is rampant. Each cellblock contained a series of
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