Rehabilitating a Historic Structure

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I have been chosen, as the employee of a house museum, to lead the task of rehabilitating a historic structure so that it will retain its historic integrity. This form of rehabilitating differs from restoring, preserving or reconstructing a structure, because there is the field of thought that structures need to retain their original integrity and be returned to the way in which they once stood. The following are a list of ways in which I would take this historic structure, and work to research and rehabilitate it to be an image of its original self or more closely visible to what it may have looked like in the past. The research will conclude what basic elements of the structure are the most important to maintaining the original integrity of the building, and which take precedent over other criteria. There are numerous steps and thoughts which an individual must consider when they are seeking to rehabilitate a structure which is to be a house museum. The old house journal gives thirty five tips for individuals who are seeking to rehabilitate an old home. Many of these could progress to become house museums or private households in the future, yet they give a fantastic idea into what needs to be considered when they are rehabilitated. Just as the old house journal wants to rehabilitate historic homes to their original state, the national park service states on their website under their section on restoring homes “the expressed goal of the Standards for Restoration and
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