Rehabilitation Is Not Effective Treatment For Sex Offenders

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In the news or on social media, we often see cases where young children are being sexually assaulted. So ask yourself this question, should there be stricter for child molesters? I can answer that now without a second thought. Yes, child molesters should receive stricter jail time for their crimes. Rehab is not effective treatment for sex offenders. Often we see repeat offenders because of light sentencing by lenient judges. The children are left to deal with a lifetime of psychological, emotional, and/ or physical damage of these sex offenders.
Rehab is not effective treatment for sex offenders. North Carolina prison system has developed rehab program for sex offenders called SOAR (Sexual Offender Accountability and Responsibility). The program is only at medium and minimum custody level camps. The program was developed to try to correct sex offender’s behavior by teaching the offenders appropriate social and sexual behavior. One of the requirements to meet the program criteria is to admit that they are guilty of the sexual offense. Also, the inmates have to rein act their crimes. Offenders that complete the program are given reduced sentences, and those who have life sentences are granted parole with the stipulation that they must return to the prison to help teach the SOAR program. (Robert A. Carbo, 2000) According to officers at prisons where the SOAR program is implemented, 60% of the inmates re-offend even after completing the SOAR program. North Carolina should
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