Rehabilitation Of Rail Transport For Relieve Traffic Congestion Essay

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B. Rehabilitation of rail transport to relieve traffic congestion
The Tunisian authorities are considering rehabilitating rail transport, especially goods and vehicles transporting them, in order to decongest the roads. This policy would make an invaluable service to the country and would bring substantial gains to the entire national community. It should be noted that more than one million vehicles are traveling on roads. This makes traffic density a real problem for users, especially in towns and their surroundings, despite the improvement of most roads, the extension of the motorway network and the construction of hundreds of interchanges. The number of victims of accidents each year is around 1,600, not to mention the number of injured. Faced with these realities, it is necessary to draw inspiration from the experiences of other countries by rehabilitating the transport by rail.The promotion of rail in freight transport is a strategic choice, given its competitive cost, and its safe and non-polluting aspect. Since always it is the SNCFT which ensures the evacuation of the goods and phosphate with a competitive price. In 2009, 6.1 million tonnes of phosphates were transported by rail. SNCFT transports 11 million tonnes of cargo per year, of which more than 8 million tonnes of phosphates are transported to the processing plants located in Gabes and Sfax. However, since January 2011, this activity has been interrupted due to frequent socio-economic protests in the region.

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