Rehabilitation Program Entry Essay

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I am a physiotherapist from Egypt .I am seeking to complete my PhD studies in the field of neuroscience as the main criteria of my practical experience is to deal with cerebral palsy children. Rehabilitation program for those patients is exhausted for therapists, parents and children. For therapist, the program needs high effort, for parents, the program needs a lot of time and money, for children, the program may be painful when doing certain exercises. Simply, the impacts on children and their families can be devastating. And life-time costs to the health care system can be very high. This is what motivated me to mainly focus on neuroscience as an important field that I come up with a new approach to addressing cerebral palsy by enhancing…show more content…
After that, I decided to complete my master study in physical therapy from Cairo University to learn more about scientific method in research, research statistics and team work coordination. I finished my first research project to obtain my master degree. Currently, this research submitted to one of top ranked physical therapy journals for publication. Recently, I have finished my second research project and it has been accepted to be presented in the international conference of physical therapy and rehabilitation conference, Dubai, January,…show more content…
• Neurology course introduced by neurology professors at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).
• Brain and space course introduced by Dr. Jennifer Grow, Duke University.
• Neurobiology of everyday life course introduced by Prof. Peggy Mason, University Of
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