Rehabilitation Programmes For Male Sex Offenders

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Post research and statistically evidence of increasing number of male sex offenders across Australia both indigenous and non-indigenous population clearly indicate the need for rehabilitation programmes for male sex offenders. This article provides a brief overview of current and emerging approaches in order to treatment of male sex offenders and the role of the therapists in achieving the goal of treatments. Research supports the relevant application for an approach in which treatment is effective on the risk of recidivism exposed by male offenders. Research further demonstrate CBT is the most effective treatment method particularly targeting specific risk factors in order to reduce the recidivism of male sex offenders. Skilled based approach is recommend to alter cognition, affects and behaviours. Research also indicate there are essential characteristics for therapist for the improved outcomes of the client. GLM model has been found to be the validity and importantly associate with motivation and reduced attrition.
There are several male sexual rehabilitation programmes across Australia (see Appendix B). Sex offender correctional rehabilitation programmes are a well-established in Australia (Haseltine, Sarre & Day, 2011). Correctional centres for adult offenders carry out in every state and territory, Australia (Macgregor, 2008; Heseltine et al., 2011). Surprisingly, the sexual offenders ratio indicates rising up and it rings a bell although rehabilitation occur in

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