Rehabilitation Will Reduce Crime

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All over America, crime is on the rise. Every day, every minute, and even every second someone will commit a crime. Now, I invite you to consider that a crime is taking place as you read this paper. "The fraction of the population in the State and Federal prison has increased in every single year for the last 34 years and the rate for imprisonment today is now five times higher than in 1972"(Russell, 2009). Considering that rate along crime is a serious act. These crimes range from robbery, rape, kidnapping, identity theft, abuse, trafficking, assault, and murder. Crime is a major social problem in the United States. While the correctional system was designed to protect society from offenders it also serves two specific functions. First it…show more content…
While some may find it difficult to find employment after a prison or jail sentence workforce such as job training and interview skills will help prepare them as they renter society. Therapy and mental health are two other ways the correctional system uses to rehabilitate offenders. Therapy and mental health serves as a counseling session with a professional to discuss feelings, emotions, behaviors and possible mental issues. These issues can be brought to the light and a treatment plan can be administered. Many times I think people forget offenders have feelings and emotions because they commit a crime. Rehabilitation helps to address issues and inappropriate behaviors. It can help them to live a productive life. Reducing crime has always been the goal for the correctional system. Punishing and rehabilitation both serve as effective methods in reducing crime. Punishing an offender can mean they have to serve time in jail for a specific amount of time and as a result they are not on the streets. They are not in society to commit any crimes. If the complete their sentence the time spent in jail ultimately shifts their thought process when they think about breaking the law. On the other hand rehabilitation focuses on preparing the offender to live a constructive life outside of confinement. Rehabilitation is a more effective tool than punishing. Schmalleger stated “In the late 1970s, the rehabilitation goal in sentencing
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