Rehabilitation in The California Youth Authority

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The California Youth Authority which is now known as the California Division of Juvenile Justice has gone through years of criticism. This institution is part of the division of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation that offers several programs such as education, training, and treatment for California’s most serious youth offenders. The California Youth Authority became the go to alternative for the increasing rate of juvenile offenders that committed the most heinous crimes. This institution first opened in 1943 as a reform school, and today it functions similar to adult state prisons. Since that time over thousands of inmates were incarcerated inside of the California Youth Authority. In March of 2000, proposition…show more content…
This especially hit close to home since a cousin of mine was locked up in CYA for a crime he was completely resentful for and just wanted a second chance to educate himself and make better choices and the education provided for him as well as others housed here were less than adequate. Education was not the only problem that limited juveniles from receiving successful forms of rehabilitation. The unprofessionalism and abuse from staff members on wards was also a contributing problem. There were many cases in which wards were also abusive towards the staff, making CYA directors and staff members more cautious of their safety. Although this is the case, the CYA was making a ton of money for housing each ward, so should these hard tax paying dollars go towards staffs who are unleashing their frustrations of the job on the wards or should it go towards better training employees on how to effectively de-escalate violent situations. The frustration goes for both parties. In the article Murder, Suicide and German Shepherds Prisoner Abuse in the California Youth Authority Mirrors Abu Ghraib by Russell Morse talks about how “On January 20, two adult guards at a YA facility in Stockton were caught on surveillance tape repeatedly punching (28 times in the face) and kicking (11 times in the stomach and legs) two teenage wards. The day before,
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