Rehearsal of a Negotiation Plan

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Determine how you would rehearse the negotiation plan. The rehearsal will be conducted from the perspective of the opponent. The rehearsal will attempt to identify, in advance, and shortfalls of any arguments that the group will present. The rehearsal will address the needs of both parties and how these needs can be satisfied through mutual negotiation. Through the rehearsal, use of feedback regarding the opponent's position will be used extensively. The purpose of negotiation is to listen to each party's views and grievances. As such the rehearsal process will consist primarily of articulating the value proposition we can provide to our potential partner. Through articulating the value proposition, much care will be given to alleviating and addressing in negative sentiments the potential partner may have regarding the merit of our service. This will be crucial to success during the negotiation as a genuinely understanding of the opposition is required in order to appropriately address any issues that may arise. In summary, the rehearsal of the negotiation plan will be a synopsis of our value proposition relative to others in the field. During this phase, the groups review its own goals and priorities in regards to the overall negotiation process. This phase of the rehearsal will also consist of a determination of the individual team member's roles and responsibilities within the group. Finally, this phase will also insure the availability of the team members for the
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