Rehtaeh Research Paper

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Everyone has been cyber bullied at least once in their life, but not many are bullied to the point of trauma and suicide, as Rehtaeh was. Cyber bullying is continuing to perish people’s lives, and it happens so frequently due to easy access of getting behind a screen and typing away. Women are a major fragment of cyber bullying and get away with a less arduous journey. Rehtaeh was bullied by a group of girls who had gone from making dreadful posts about her, to beating her physically. The cyber bullying commenced when she got drunk at a party and was raped by four men. She was then known as the schools biggest slut, when all she had desired was justice, and to help fight for other women who and been sexually harassed. The treatment Rehtaeh had received from her bullies was both unnerving and common. The victims in such situations are often wrongfully viewed as the problem.…show more content…
Rehtaeh experienced all forms of bullying and was pushed to the point of no return. Moreover, bullies tend to create problems for their own entertainment and they attempt to make the victim look like they deserve the negative treatment. Rehtaeh is a perfect example of an unjust and unkind situation. Sexism and lack of justice are both frequently tied to rape victims. Suicide often stems from bullying and rape, all of which Rehtaeh experienced. Cyber bullying is a foundation for bullies to stand on to feel more powerful and gain control. People feel safe behind the security of a computer screen and begin to exhibit behavior they would not originally exhibit in person. Therefore cyber bulling is continuing to perish people’s lives and is a problem that needs to be
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