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Rhetorical Analysis of ‘Babies’ I. Social Context & Topic: Every work exists within a social and cultural framework. Analyze the contemporary social elements that this work is reacting to. Explain the topic and the contemporary issues surrounding your product. Babies is a Documentary produced by Thomas Balmes who originally got the idea from Alain Chabat. It is set in the present time in four different countries and four very different settings. These babies are documented from birth to just after one year and shows four different perspectives of how different cultures raise their children. From a tribe in Nambia, a remote location in Mongolia, a large city in Japan, to San Francisco California; babies is based on the common…show more content…
II. Motive: Analyze the reaction that the person creating this product demonstrates to the circumstances surrounding the theme of the work, and explain why these circumstances encouraged a person to create this work. Why was the person called to create? Thomas chose the four different countries very carefully, and within those four countries interviewed many couples to be able to show the range and diversity of the relationships the parents had with their kids. This was a difficult task for Thomas, because he didn’t have the usual technical equipment that is supplied for a big screen Hollywood production, he had a camera and needed to get key shots right the first time. He needed to be careful not to interfere or directly influence the babies and their families, keep true to his artistic vision, and stay focused on the theme of his film. Being a father of three children must have greatly worked to Thomas’ advantage. He would have known somewhat what to expect in relation to the different stages and milestones most babies achieve. It doesn’t matter what country a baby is born, there are expectations that in a certain time frame a baby should respond to voice or actions, in the later stages start mimicking, saying mama and or dada, roll around, crawl, say words, and eventually start walking ect... If Thomas didn’t have children it would have been a difficult struggle to know basically

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