Rei Sustainability Case

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To: Council of Executive Vice Presidents Date: 1th of November, 2012
From: Anders Fædder
Subject: Evaluation of REI’s sustainability goals
I am writing in response to your inquiry regarding the plausibility of maintaining the continuous growth of the company as well as satisfying its sustainability goals. The following sections will address the three issues, mentioned by top management, by first describing them, then interpreting them and lastly they will be evaluated. Conclusion and recommendations will be based on this.
REI focus greatly on the impact that their business has on the environment. They continuously work on finding new and innovative solution that will help reduce these negative effects. Their corporate mission
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These include: * A 50 percent transit subsidy * Showers and secure bike storage at every REI facility * Telecommuting options at our headquarters location * Web conferencing and other technology tools
In 2011, REI partnered with The Nature Conservancy to implement an afforestation project on the Bayou Bartholomew property in Louisiana, which will restore forest continuity with the adjacent Chemin-a-Haut State Park. Funding provided voluntarily by REI Adventures will finance the future retirement of carbon offsets from this project. Through this effort, REI supported The Nature Conservancy 's restoration of this forest ecosystem, as well as the design of a carbon project.
This carbon project has been validated and registered through a credible third-party certification system (the Verified Carbon Standard). The effort will contribute to long-term systemic change, benefitting the atmosphere and the forest ecosystem, and has been designed to produce verifiable carbon offsets in the future.
Though REI would seek new and innovative solutions to all aspects within the company, there is at least one were they could only offset rather than reduce. REI’s largest source of GHG emissions was REI Adventures which generated 31 percent of its total, namely flying members to adventure destinations. This exception was dealt with by purchasing carbon offsets as a part of the travel package, paid by REI.
Reduction of waste to
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