Reid E Beckett's Explaination of His War Experiences in a Letter to Leila McGee

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Overview This investigation will concentrate on the postcard, addressed to Leila McGee of Kemptville, Ontario. Signed “R.E.B.”, Private Reid Edison Beckett, was a member of the of the 11th Reserve Battalion from the time of his enlistment in September 24, 1914 until the end of the first World War. 1 Before the Great War, Beckett’s military service began with the 56th Lesgar Rifles based in Ottawa.2 Between his service with the 56th Rifles and his enlistment in the 1914, Beckett married and worked as a carpenter in the town of Oxford in Leeds and Grenville Country in Eastern Ontario.3 In enlisting on September 22, 1914, Beckett was assigned to the 60th Rifles of Canada, also known as the Saskatchewan Dragoons.4 While these Dragoons…show more content…
Naismith remarks the number of Canadians Soldiers at the Canadian hospital at Bulford Manor rose from 150 to 780 during this torrential downpour.12 Shortly thereafter, the 11th along with other Battalions formed the Canadian Training Depot at Tidworth Barracks in Wiltshire.13 The 11th battalion was officially denominated the 11th Reserve Infantry Battalion, CEF on April 29, 1915.14 As a Reserve Battlion, the whole of the 11th did not participate in Allied operations. However, sections of the 11th did reinforce in supplementary roles to other Battalions on the Western Front. Members of the 11th played significant parts in reinforcement during the battles at Ypres (1915,’17), Somme (1916), Arras (1917,’18), Vimy (1917), Passchendaele (1917), Amiens (1918), the Battle of the Drocourt-Quéant Line (1917,’18) and the battle of Canal du Nord. (1918).15 It is unclear in which campaigns Private Beckett personally participated in, though it can reasoned he was involved in the multiple Allied attempts at capturing the town of Souchez in the Pas de Callais region of of Northern France. This town will be examined further in the section Front of Postcard. While it is quite difficult to assume any of Private Reid E Beckett’s actions during the
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