Reign Of Error : The Hoax Of The Privatization Movement And The Danger Of America 's Public Schools

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When imagining a well-rounded school, one might think of a school filled with discussion based English classes, interactive Math classes, exciting labs, and rich History classes; one may also think of an endless list of extracurricular activities and athletic teams. Sadly, many public schools across the country do not have these opportunities. The Diane Ravitch book: Reign of Error: The Hoax of the Privatization Movement and the Danger to America’s Public Schools, focuses upon Ravitch’s opinion on this important issue. Since the No Child Left Behind Act was passed in 2001, schools have focused on math and reading scores; because of this, schools have disregarded and cut back on other subjects that they are not being tested on such as…show more content…
Ravitch uses this fact to express to the reader that if a school focuses all of its valuable time on the only subjects they are being tested on and neglects other subjects, they still look like a stellar school on paper while disregarding certain subjects. This also adequately builds her ethos. Using true facts and evidence proves to her reader that she is trustworthy and believable. Nevertheless, these facts effectively build Ravitch’s argument by showing parents that this is not the education that they should desire for their children; it leaves an impact on the reader and makes them think about their own education or the education that their children are receiving. Overall, Ravitch’s use of factual information aids in building her argument. Furthermore, Ravitch’s use of effective organization methods builds the argument presented to the reader. Ravitch uses repetition to express her argument and drive it into the reader 's mind: “Why today are public schools unable to afford the curriculum they once offered? Why is the richest nation in the world unable to provide a full curriculum for all students in public school? Why are budget cuts… so heavily on the public schools?” (Ravitch 108). Repeatedly asking the reader “Why” leaves a lasting impression in the reader 's mind because it makes them think and answer the questions being asked. This prompts the reader to automatically

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