Reincarnation Is A Belief That The Soul

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Reincarnation Reincarnation is a belief that the soul comes back after death but in a new physical form. This new formal could be the form of a human, or an animal. Many religions especially in the continent of Asia, believe in this idea. In the Buddhist belief “Rebirth is when we are endlessly reborn in new bodies, unless we achieve Nirvana” (Langley, Myrtle. Religion. New York: DK Pub., 2012. Print.) Many people especially in the Roman Catholic Religion do not believe in the concept of reincarnation. In the Bible, (Hebrews 9:27) states “And just as it is appointed for men to die once, and after that comes judgment”, this scripture from the Christian holy book is one of the principles of the Christian beliefs. It is also one of the…show more content…
Such as a German child starts talking in Latin. Most of these children that are believed to be the reincarnated form of another person when they start to remember and recite in accuracy details of their past life. They say things like where they lived, their children, their spouse or spouses, and in some cases how they died.
Such is the story of a young boy in India. At around the age of 4 the young Indian boy started rejecting his parents and claiming that they were not his real parents. The parents ignored the child’s comment until he started talking about his “wife” who was located in another part of the country. He also talked about a bakery he was owner of in his past life. He always talked about a special chair he had by the door of his bakery where he sat and greeted the customers when they walked in. The parents, concerned about his mental state consulted a professional. Once the professional investigator being aware of the child’s words and actions, he set out and investigated if the child’s claims were actually true or not. Slowly the child started speaking more of his past life and even gave the investigator directions to where he once lived. Following the child’s directions they ended up in a bakery in northern India, exactly where the child said it would be. The bakery was owned by the son of a man that had died while taking a bath earlier in the year. Once the child walked into the bakery he greeted his
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