Reincarnation Is A Common Belief

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According to the dictionary website, the term reincarnation refers to a “belief that the soul, upon death of the body, comes back to earth in another body or form” (“Reincarnation” 2005). In other words, reincarnation is the idea that when the soul leaves the body of an individual, it returns again in a different figure. Typically, people who are very spiritual believe in reincarnation, which is a common belief in the dynamic religions of our world. This particular belief originated from India in the ninth century BC when the writings of Brahman were created (Valea 2015). The idea of reincarnation provides many people with a fresh outlook on the meaning of life in which they spend their whole life searching for answers and analyzing past events. For most people, this concept gives them an opportunity to determine where exactly their origin or destiny was with the help of past lives. The issue of reincarnation can also correlate to the problem of evil since they both consist of positive and negative karmic deeds. It is a very important issue that can be analyzed religiously, philosophically and scientifically. Strangely enough, in a recent study, only about twenty-seven percent of Americans believed in the idea of reincarnation while on the other hand, fifty-nine percent of them disapproved of the issue (Haraldsson 2005). Throughout this paper, I will address the major issue of whether reincarnation exists or not through the presentation of many religious beliefs from
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