Reincarnation, Teleportation, And Combination

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Reincarnation, teleportation, and combination.

Weird words put together, but if you think not much deeply then you would understand why…well it wasn’t really that much important.

What I’m talking about is travelling to another world…that cliché starting that multiple novels started at giving people, the protagonists, a new start, a new adventure.

It practically gives people the hope that things would change, and things would be better.

Meeting a princess, defeating the demon lord, meeting nice people, becoming great, having a harem…all of them were possible if one were to have certain qualities, and of course cheat powers.

Dying in either a horrible incident or even being in a deplorable incident, being suddenly teleported when you wake up or any other incident where you were just standing.

Those were the ways one would be teleported to another world either meeting god or not and then finally being granted by the powers that can turn over the world then being teleported to another.

Well, enough of that complicated talk…after all I only want a simple life, yes as simple as that of the protagonist of an another world travel novel, and now…

“You seem to be really surprised about this, huh…how weird, I thought that humans would be more surprised seeing this room and hearing what I said…”

A man in his 60s…an incredibly dandy man who would be an ikemen whom I would beat up without even thinking twice was in front of me sitting in one of the four sofas that was around the

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