Reinforcement Extinction Effect On Student Athletes

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In Oklahoma a little league baseball program had to cut down on their budget, so they chose to cut their participation awards. There were a few parents who complained saying, “My kids look forward to getting a trophy as much as they do playing the game. That is the main problem with handing out participation trophies.When children make mistakes, our job should not be to spin those losses into decorated victories. I watched a video where there was a coach of a little kids basketball was handing out their yearly participation trophies and she was laughing and said,”We lost every single game, but we had fun doing it right.” This just did not feel right to me. These kids were still getting rewarded for doing absolutely nothing and they were happy about it. The technical term for a biological impact is partial-reinforcement extinction effect: "All that means is that if you constantly reward a kid, you spoil them, and you don't build a capacity for them to be resilient to frustration.(MensJournal) In another interview of Simon Sinek he talks about millennials (millennials are the…show more content…
He called this “The Millennial Way” Then the sheriff had the bright idea, “why not start handing out participation trophies to all the protesters and tell them you may not have won the election but look everyone gets a trophy and everyone is a winner. This had instantaneous calming effect on the millennials which filled them with a sense of fulfillment and achievement. This tactic basically stopped millennials from rioting, They gave them something for absolutely nothing. The Sheriff never thought that this would actually work it was kind of a joke he said but hey it
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