Reinforcement Is A Very Viable Key For Learning

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Literature Review Reinforcement is a very viable key in learning. We use it with pets, children, adults, and even as incentives for drug treatments. It encourages and enforces actions. In learning, “reinforcement can be described as an increase in the strength of behavior due to its consequences” (Chance 133). However, contingency refers to the “degree of correlation between behavior and its consequence. “ “The stronger this correlation is, the more effective the reinforcer is likely to be” (Chance 142). There are five different schedules that can be administered with reinforcement, four are considered intermittent schedules and there have been many experiments to show the effects of each. The five different schedules include continuous reinforcement, fixed ratio schedule, variable ratio schedule, fixed interval schedule, and variable interval schedule. They each have their own meanings: • Continuous Reinforcement a behavior is reinforced every time it occurs. • Fixed Ratio Schedule is when a behavior is reinforced after it has occurred a fixed number of times. • Variable Ratio Schedule occurs at random, it could occur after the first time or after the third or fifth time of occurrence. • Fixed Interval Schedule is when a behavior will be reinforced after the first time it occurs. It is a constant interval. • Variable Interval Schedule can occur at random intervals, it might occur after two seconds or eight seconds. (Chance 195-203). All schedules are effective in
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