Reinforcement Strategies in Criminal Justice

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Managerial Practices Executive Summary
Brendan Moaratty
June 15, 2015
Gina Craft

Managerial Practices Executive Summary
Organizational effectiveness is the ability of a particular organization to run as a well-oiled machine that meets goals set in place for success throughout an organization. An organization must work efficiently; therefore obtainable goals must be set within achievable timeframes in order to meet all expectations of the organizations main purpose. This allows an organization to produce productive work with a desired effect throughout the organization without wasteful use of valued assets (Charrier, K. 2007).
Organizational effectiveness is imperative when managing each area of criminal justice personnel
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2009). In any organization that is efficient and productive in organizational effectiveness, there are methods for exerting control in an organizational setting. A few examples of effective methods for exerting control in an organizational setting in a law enforcement organization are strategic control, management control, and operational control. Firstly, strategic control is an evaluation process of the organization in order to measure the effectiveness of the procedure, policy or practice (Giacomazzi, Andrew L., Brody, David C., 2004). This method must be used in both instances such as prior to an implementation taking effect and after the method has been implemented within adequate allotted time to show positive research of effectiveness and productivity or not (Giacomazzi, Andrew L., Brody, David C., 2004). The research must show research conducted in a qualitative and quantitative method for effective accuracy. Secondly, management control simply focuses on the valued productivity and effectiveness of procedures in place. Management uses this effective method to ensure whether or not organizational effectiveness is in place throughout a law enforcement organization. Lastly, operational control focuses directly on the performance of the team or organizational group of a
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