Essay on Reinforcement Versus Goal Theory

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Reinforcement versus Goal Theory Lorraine Patterson OMM 625 Learning Organizations & Effectiveness Professor Renee Hill January 30, 2012 According to Edwin Locke the goal setting theory is a tool used for motivation. The theory states that goal setting is linked to task performance. The goal states “specifically challenging employees while using feedback will contribute to a higher and better performance while completing a task.”(Pane, S) The idea of working towards an accomplishment of a goal is a primary source of job motivation. Following successful performance, individuals gain confidence and will set higher goals. Research suggest that difficult goals will create a high level of performance…show more content…
For instance, if there is an employee that is coming in on time continuously then definitely approach this employee and praise, but it doesn’t have to immediately rather, allow for the person to be settled and let them know how appreciative you were of coming in on time, make the praise worth their while as well as the managers. However, if there is a group of employees that are chronically tardy from work this group must be dealt with in a manner for which is displayed but in a positive manner, by enlightening the employees as to how to gain positive reinforcement. I work for the Board of Education I am housed at a specific school therefore I have the Principal to answer to while on site as well as I have a manager for my department at headquarters to also answer to. Each person does handle reinforcement in a different manner; however I see both theories in each of them. For instance, the Principal uses Goal Setting to gain what is wanted and needed. For instances, she will definitely step up the request, for instances she will definitely ask that specific task be done before the days out. I being of a “A” personality want to achieve these goals, although sometimes feeling overwhelmed because I am not sure which one should be doen first, for they each hold number one priority in my book. However, the headquarter manager will offer timelines, however if these timelines are not met, she will definitely scold us as a group, and will come to us
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