Reinhard Heydrich was a Cold-hearted Nazi

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Reinhard Heydrich This person joined the Nazi party and worked his way up to the top. People called him cruel. Even Hitler said that he was one of the most cold hearted SS officer he had ever met. This person was no other than Reinhard Heydrich. Reinhard Heydrich had a lonely childhood. He was teased by boys at school (“Elie”). He didn't have friends he was thin and small and had a very high voice. Heydrich was by now over six feet tall He still was know for the man who still had the high voice they named him Billy Goat because of his weird laugh. People in the nazi party got gelis because he was a higher rank. (“USHMM”) They spread rumors about him having a Jewish background from his Dad’s side of his family. Hitler heard about these rumors about Reinhard and had a long meeting with him and said he had many talents that would be useful to him and his plans with the Jews and his army. (“USHMM”) People described Reinhard Heydrich as a mean cruel cold hearted person. He was really good at science he went to Reform Gymnasium because they where good in science. He Wanted to go in WWI but he was not old enough so they didn't let him server until the end by the end he got in the navy. (“USHMM”)After he had a lot of different jobs before he became a nazi he was a German Secret State Police from 1934 to 1936 The German Security Police for criminal police detective forces 1936 to 1942. He work his way up in the navy he became The Security Service of the Reichsführer from 1931

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