Reinstatement of Softball Into the 2016 Olympics

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“PLAY BALL!!” This is a saying that has been used for many years in softball as well as in baseball. Now, those two words will not be heard in the Olympics for at least half a decade. Softball is a big part in the lives of many women and taking it out of the 2012 Olympics is crushing their dreams. The sport should be reinstated in the 2016 Olympics because the sport will die if it is not, it gives young girls a dream, and it will greatly decrease the amount of women participating in the Olympic Games. Softball has been in the Olympics since 1996 and now the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has decided to take it out. Taking softball out of the Olympics cut the amount of funding to the USA team which means that…show more content…
Jenae Leles, USA softball women’s national team rookie says “it [is] a lot of young girls’ dream to play softball further than college and into the Olympics. [She] thinks they do need to get it back so the young girls can pursue their dreams. They need to get it back for them” (Players Dream). The Olympics tied softball with baseball together and they thought it would be a good decision, but what they didn’t put into perspective was that baseball has the major league that pays their players millions of dollars a year and softball does not. They also should have put into perspective how they crushed so many hopes and dreams. The International Olympic Committee had no idea what they were doing when they made the vote to cut the sport; they were just thinking that it would be good for the Olympics to have something new. Now, because the IOC did not take the millions of girls around the world’s dreams in to consideration, they have broken these girls’ hearts.

The International Olympic Committee was just trying to do the best to keep the Olympics interesting. The IOC thought that since softball has the PFX and NPF leagues then the young girls will have a dream of playing for them instead of for the Olympics team. Denny states that “these girls have a better shot at playing after college now. Before, with just an Olympic team and

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