Essay on Reintroducing the Wolf to Yellowstone

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Reintroducing the Wolf to Yellowstone

Wolves have always been a symbol of the wild, free in spirit and roamers of the land. These animals are considered majestic and protectors of the wilderness. They have always roamed the western United States, although their population has fluctuated over time. Over the past 10 years wolf reintroduction into Yellowstone National Park has been a controversial topic to those of the United States. As of 1995, wolves have been reintroduced into the park. This has come with some strong opposition and yet has prevailed. The future of the wolf in Yellowstone park is now looking bright, although not certain since there still are those who want them banished again.


Many hundreds of years ago
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Created in 1872 by the department of the Interior, the park was developed by congress for preservation of its "natural curiosities or wonders and prohibiting wanton destruction of its fish and game" (defenders). Wolves were protected in Yellowstone.

Wolves lived in the park for forty years, with claimed increasing nuisance to outsiders. The people around Yellowstone were complaining that the wolves, basically a nuisance to society, were killing animal. Thus after discussions and studies, congress agreed and the wolf extermination began. In 1914, the "Yellowstone wolf extirpation campaign began after congress appropriated funds for 'destroying wolves, prairie dogs, and other animals injurious to agriculture and animal husbandry' on public lands" (defenders). The killing of wolves continued until 1926 when the last two wolf pups of some 136 wolves were killed on a poisoned bison carcass (defenders). The eradication of wolves by hunting and other means soon cleared out most wolves in all areas of the United States. "By the 1940's humans had eliminated red and gray wolves from almost all of their historic range in the contiguous 48 states" (Noecker).

For a number of years the wolves were not missed by most people, the ranchers and farmers were happy to have the pests gone. Coyotes,
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