Reiss's Theory Of Evolution Or Intelligent Design?

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According to Reiss, there are many people who reject the theory of evolution and believe that the Earth was created as described in the Bible or the Qur’an. Intelligent design is linked to creationism, however, it can also call itself a theory that critiques evolutionary biology instead of siding with religion. Reiss says creationism along with intelligent design are on the rise unlike in the past where there was very little mention of these topics in the classroom. Schools in multiple countries are becoming battlegrounds over the issue of evolution vs creationism. A publication of the first volume of a seven-volume series of 800-page books critiquing evolution along with the rise of creationism has resulted in science education literature to take a closer look at creationism. Reiss says that although it may be surprising to question whether creationism and intelligent design are controversial issues given the commotion surrounding them, the answer depends on what one refers to as controversial. He uses a couple of different explanations of controversy. In Reiss uses Robert Dearden’s epistemic criterion which states “a matter is controversial if contrary views can be held on it without those views being contrary to reason” (p.401). Dearden’s epistemic includes four different kinds of controversy. Reiss then lists the…show more content…
in Reiss’ article as, “a coherent collection of concepts that have to allow us to construct a global image of the world” (p.405). Reiss analyzes the idea of “worldviews” by looking at the film March of the Penguins in the views of creationism. He states that were multiple reasons for the success of this film, the most surprising being its big success in the Christian right. The lessons said to be found in the film according to a Christian movie critic website were love, perseverance and the existence of God. Worldviews highlight the importance of perspective in these
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