Rejected Lrt Routes By Bay Street

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REJECTED LRT ROUTES Another line we considered using but ultimately rejected was Bay street as there are too many residential areas along that road. For instance, from Aberdeen avenue to Jackson street we noted that there is an array of Condos and homes. Furthermore, it is a one way road with only two lanes, meaning that there isn’t enough room for a LRT, construction would have to include first widening the road then putting in the LRT, access to the road would be virtually cut off during the time of construction. What 's More, there is no mountain access from bay street, meaning the LRT would have to make its way over to James or to Queen to use their mountain access. This would cause major, unnecessary construction and the LRT…show more content…
Eventually the train station will occupy the Lakeshore West GO Train meaning that the LRT will have access to go stations and buses. This stop has the capabilities to make room for a LRT station as it is an area that houses newly built train station. Thus, putting in a LRT station there would only add to the infrastructure invested in that area The area has already been made a station so adding a LRT stop will only add to the transportation hub put in place. From our visit to the area from our field work, the area is not that busy so constuction won’t affect that many people’s commute or the profit of smaller businesses. The residential area is right across where many lower-middle income families live that an LRT would help tremendously for purposes of traveling to work or other personal matters. James and York BLVD: With a LRT stop, the James street at York Boulevard could revitalised, as, despite its surroundings being revamped it still appears to need some work. Also it is the closest stop to the shopping district of James street that, in recent years has been revitalised. It is also close to the Hamilton Farmers market which we noticed from our field work had a lot of people walking to and from, meaning that those small businesses will be able to advertise their products to more people. Use vacated building fronts to create a indoor LRT station as opposed to a ticket booth on the sidewalk. We would make any

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