Rejection, By Daughters, And The Heroines Of The Stories ' Everyday Ese '

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Rejection by siblings in literature "Is the stupid goose to sit in the parlor with us?" , said Cinderella’s sisters annoyed by her presence when they just started living together. Not that she did anything to upset her step-sisters. She spent days on her hands and knees cleaning, cooking and washing after them. But that didn’t make her sisters treat her any better than a “stupid goose”. They laughed at her and made her do the dirty work because “He who wants to eat bread must earn it.” While being rejected by her step-sisters upsets Cinderella, she chooses not to be depressed but to enjoy simple pleasures in life, to endure any obstacles and to have a positive perspective on life. Unfortunately, real life is not a fairytale and a happy ending is not guarantee. Rejection by siblings can be endured but can also destroy one’s self-esteem. Cinderella is not alone in being rejected by her siblings. Both Maggie and Sonny, the heroines of the stories “Everyday Ese” by Alice Walker and “Sonny’s Blues” by James Baldwin have experienced rejection from their siblings. The outcomes, however, aren’t as positive as Cinderella’s. In both stories rejection by siblings resulted in a low self-esteem that negatively shaped their lives. The heroine of the story “Cinderella” by Grim Brothers, knows the feeling of rejection very well. She is not welcomed in her “new family” from the beginning. "Just look at the proud princess! How decked out she is!”

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