Rejection to the Proposal of Mr. Clotter John Ko Essay

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Rejection to the Proposal of Mr. Clotter John Ko

Is generalised Genetic Screening for Factor V Leiden Necessary? ===============================================================

Genetic screening has no doubt have been the one of the most controversial issue in the branch of medicine.

The new issue has recently triggered the on-going debate: the dilemma of whether the Government should allow the Genetic screening of all 16 year old girls for mutation in specific gene called the Factor V which sometimes lead to condition called the DVT , or not.

In the essay I will suggest on why we should not do the screening.

In the first paragraph of my essay I shall briefly explain the science
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Factor V Leiden is a single nucleotide substitution Guanine to Adenine at nucleotide 1691 which is responsible for the single amino acid replacement (Arg506Gln).

Factor V Leiden is inactivated by the protein C and S nearly 10 times slower than the normal Factor V, resulting in increased clotting factor that is why it is commonly called APC Resistance.

Factor V Leiden is the most common genetic cause of venous thrombosis, which leads to deadly pulmonary embolism when the part of the clot breaks away to the pulmonary artery. It is involved in 20-40% of cases and is present in 3% of the general population.

The other major genetic causes of venous thrombosis (deficiencies of protein C and S) together account for only 5-10% of cases.

Factor V Leiden increases the risk of venous thrombosis 3-8 times for heterozygous (one bad gene inherited) and substantially more, 30-140 times for homozygous (two bad gene inherited) individuals.

2% of the general population was found to be heterozygous.

Risk is increased still further in situations such as pregnancy, oral contraceptive use, estrogen therapy, malignancy, diabetes mellitus, immobilization, surgery, trauma, high blood pressure, obesity, smoking or long time travel (commonly called economy class syndrome). In these cases risk of clotting can increase dramatically.

Can Factor V Leiden be inherited?


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