Relapse Is A Widely Known Study Used For Drug Rehabilitation Programmes

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Introduction Relapse is a widely known study used for drug rehabilitation programmes. Relapse is the process of a previously extinct behaviour reoccurring. The increased number of resurgence of drug use leaves behaviourist with questions of the process that’s going behind this and how this could be resolved. Relevant studies are widely interested in why people have resurged back to drug use after they get treatment and experiments have been done starting with rat subjects to pigeon’s subjects to see what actually happens when people resurge back to their old behaviour of drug use or other addictions. There are three types of relapses, which include renewal, reinstatement and resurgence. For this study purpose, we are focusing on resurgence. Resurgence as stated by (Neil E, 2013) is when a previously reinforced behaviour that had undergone extinction returns or resurges when a second behavior that replaced the first one itself undergoes extinction. Extinction on the other hand is commonly defined as when reinforcement of a previously reinforced behavior is stopped, thus causing a decrease in the rate of that behavior” (Cooper, 1987). Thus, when you stop giving reinforcers, the behaviour decreases until it comes to a complete stop and extinction is at play. The Resurgence effects have been suggested as a possible cause of relapse to drug abuse with a decrease in the availability of alternative nondrug reinforcers (Podlesnik, 2006). So, when alternative

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