Related Literarureand Studies of Online Selling Website

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Review of Related Literature and Study
This chapter includes some related literature and studies of different companies and people which are discuss in the following paragraphs.
According to Karen Frishman a Basic Level Expert Author The online selling field may seem infinite in scope, too, with millions of potential customers worldwide. But, success in selling collectibles on the Web is gained in much the same way as it is in the physical world, by knowing buyers' needs and meeting them. Success can depend to a great degree on whether or not you are offering collectible properties able to meet at least one of these three key commercial elements: Not easily obtainable locally.
Wide appeal due to a current surge in
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E-commerce, as defined by, is “Business conducted through the use of computers, telephones, fax machines, barcode readers, credit cards, automated teller machines (ATM) or other electronic appliances (whether or not using the internet) without the exchange of paper-based documents. It includes activities such as procurement, order entry, transaction processing, payment, authentication and nonrepudiation, inventory control, order fulfillment, and customer support. When a buyer pays with a bank card swiped through a magnetic-stripe-reader, he or she is participating in e-commerce”. Ecommerce allows has allowed firms to establish a market presence, or to enhance an existing already larger market position, by taking advantage of allowing an inexpensive cheaper and more efficient distribution chain for their products or services (


STUDY REGARDING THE OBSTACLES WHICH ENCUMBER THE ONLINE SELLING INCREASE According to the study of Universitatea din Oradea Facultatea de Ştiinţe Economice Oradea “online market a necessity for companies that want to be competitive in the current competitive environment” In order to be competitive in the current competitive environment is essential for a company to consider the

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