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Chapter 1 1. Background of the study Al Hedaya Alkhalifia is the first regular school be established in Bahrain, It's was established in 1919. The education in Bahrain was limited to education in koranic schools who are studying the Koran. However, Al Hedaya Alkhalifia was limited to the teaching the children of rich people and the owners of the important centers in the country and then become the public from the people. It's a doubted by the ministry of education in Bahrain. as the time go the school has improved it teaching system and the activates to make the studying more effective for the student and now this school have been secondary school for boys in Moharraq. 2. Company's Current Situation Now, the school is using a manual…show more content…
In the grading process the teacher fill specific form (notebook) for the student's grades and store them at shelves, so they will be found when they are needed. The school will ask the parents to bring personal information of the students. The teacher or the technician will enter this information into the database (access). They can process this information in type of (adding, deleting and updating) using database (access). As a result they can view and print out records of all the students. The same process will be done manually each time a new student will enrol in the school. If any student or parent has any complaint, he/she print out the form and goes directly to the administration or management staff to talk to them. 1.1Theoretical Framework of the Study Existing System Input Processing Output Proposal System Input processing output This proposed system will help the teachers to do the job faster, easier and more secure than the manual system, having all personal information related to students saved into specialized notebooks or written forms is so dangerous in terms of storing the files, or deleting the wrong record to update it. 1.2. Conceptual Framework of the Study

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