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Land Based System According to, the importance of a Computer Network is it allows the user to share data with other users in a network, for example, a company having a number of computers which are connected in a network. Computer network will enable the users to share the files and folders and get synchronized with other users. Computer network also allows the user to share resources such as printers and faxes. It can be installed on one computer and can be accessed by other users in a network. By this the need of installing printers on individual computers is avoided and it result in cost-effectiveness. Computer network also allows the user to communicate with each other using
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There are many features of Enrollment System, first is the payment management wherein this feature includes print electronic PR/OR with Accounts Balance, Examination Permit and Important Announcements, another is Automatic posting of Student’s Account Ledger. The next feature is Class record (with Transmutation Table), this feature allows to compute automatically and print the grades of the student that includes Form 137, Form 138, Form18E/A, Top Performers, and List of Failed Students. Next feature is the Reports; in this feature the information is readily available with just a point and click of a mouse. Example of these Reports is the following: Daily Report, Receivable and Aging report, Enrollment Listing/Statistical Report, Student Performances, Student Listing, Comparative Enrollment Growth, and other useful Reports

Philippines Pre-Enrollment System Pre-enrollment is a procedure that allows students to select a schedule of courses prior to actual registration. The procedure includes consultation with the assigned faculty advisor to ensure proper selection of courses. Pre-enrollment appointment hours are scheduled in descending order on "semester hours completed" basis. Essentially, it is a seniority system and does favor the upper-class students who have progressed further in their programs, and thus, have more specific remaining degree requirements. In the Philippines there is also a Pre-Enrollment System. This system is an Online
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