Related Literature On Training And Development

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2.0 Introduction 1

2.0 Introduction
This chapter introduces the literature works relating to training and development and how it has an impact on employee’s performance. It gives detailed explanation and clear idea on previous works by researchers in organizational politics to help in understanding the background information on which this research is based on. The chapter describes the concepts of training and development and the effects on employee performance and the gap in literature.
2.1 Conceptual Framework
The concept of training and development is the general idea of training and development and employee performance. In the dynamic environment that is the world of business, to never become obsolete the company has to first recognize that its greatest resource is its human capital and the
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Training must be addressed in such a way that it covers the employees’ performance-development needs and is in accordance with their job descriptions.
When the organization invests in training and development to improve the knowledge and skills of its employees, the investment is expected to yield productive and effective employees. The programs could be focused on individual performance or team performance depending on the development need identified by a training needs analysis which helps in the creation and implementation of training and management development programs. In the view of Grobler, Warnich, Carrel, Elbert and Hatfield (2004:345), training needs have to be determined first.
This will ensure that the time and money invested in training and management development is linked to the mission or core business of the organization (Watad & Ospina,
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