Related Literature for Bullying

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r SENATE BILL 2677 (MIRIAM DEFENSOR SANTIAGO. 2011) SEC 2 Definition of Bullying - Bullying is committed when a minor student commits a series of two or more acts directed towards another minor student, or a series of single acts directed towards several minor students in a school setting or a place of learning, with the intent to constitute harassment, intimidation, force or humiliation. Such acts consist of any or more of the following: Threats to a person with the infliction upon the person, honor or property of the person or of his family or any wrong; Stalking or constantly following or pursuing a person in his daily activities with unwanted, obsessive attention; Theft; Public…show more content…
A ``bully'' enjoys more physical or psychological power than the ``victim'', applying this to devalue another to make himself/herself appear superior, although this mismatch of strength may be a matter of perception (Hazler, 1996). Despite the element of power being fundamental in bullying, most children are not bullied by older pupils, but by members of their class or year group (Besag, 1989; Olweus, 1973, 1993b; Prewitt, 1988; Rigby, Slee, & Connolly, 1991; Rivers, 2001; Roland & Munthe, 1989). “Heald perceived bullying as long standing violence, which could be physical or psychological. Such violence could be perpetuated by either an individual or a group against an individual not able to protect themselves. The key element being an implicit desire to threaten, frighten or intimidate the individual.” (Herald. 1994) Bullying is not limited to physical aggression and can include hurting others' feelings and undermining their con®dence and self-esteem through words, actions or social exclusion (Hazler, 1996; Roffey, 2000). Bullying via ``direct-and physical'' means include behaviours such as hitting, tripping up and taking belongings, whereas ``direct and verbal'' bullying involves name-calling and taunting. Indirect forms of bullying are characterised by passing nasty stories or rumours behind
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