Relation Between Religion And Morality And The Perception Of Morality

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Morality and Murder
In every setting, be it cultural or social, there are the fundamental principles that guide the lives of the people in the area. The guidelines express the desirable actions from the undesirable ones. The society brings up the young ones in the community using the helpful principles as a way of ensuring they lead respectful lives avoiding evil practices. In philosophy, morality is the distinction of the things that are right from those that are not right by the virtue of the principles that guide the particular setting. Many places use religion as the guiding principle in the definition of morality. The primary function of this paper is to consider the relation between religion and morality and the perception of morality from different faiths.
The Existence of God and Murder
The existence of God supports the religious views of the religious groups and the teachings of the religious groups. With the religious books painting out God as the creator of everything, it is the moral duty of the people in the religious inclination to preserve the creation (Petruzella 47). God, through the sacred books, gives the specific guidelines that the people should follow for moral uprightness. Everything that exists in the face of the earth originates from the hand of God, and the human beings have the responsibility of preserving it. Human life came from God in his work of creation. Murder is the destruction of human life. With the call to
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