Relation Between Work And Leisure

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What Author Does? The author discusses different direct and indirect issues and perspectives associated with work and leisure balance. For this purpose, the relation between work and leisure for the employees working in different organisations are assessed through the study of different surveys that have been conducted by researchers in the selected domain. The author has mainly used the secondary research technique for answering the research questions formulated for this study. The secondary methods of research include a study of other literary works that have been prepared and presented by various researchers and scholars in different periods of time. The research methods taken up by the author include the study and evaluation of these literary works and seem to be adequate for assessing and evaluating the ways to maintain work and leisure balance and their impacts on the lifestyles of the respective workers. The references made to the works of other scholars helps the author to collect a wide range of relevant data and information and thus are proven to be adequate for attaining the research objectives. De Graf (2003) is of the view that the secondary research method is a time and cost effective method for conducting these kinds of researches. However, the use of a primary research technique could have led to higher levels of accuracy in the findings of the research (De Graf, 2003). Outcomes The outcomes of the article suggest that the balance between work and

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