Relation To Student Suicide

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The Nature of College and its Relation to Student Suicide
“The suicide rate among young adults have tripled since the 1950s” (Barrios, 229). Specifically, on college campuses, there are more than 1000 suicides. This makes suicide is the third leading cause of death in college students (Cerel, 46). Studies that were performed at Oxford and Cambridge showed that the elevated rise of student suicide was due to the academic pressure. Later studies questioned if it was the school’s environment that contributed to a student’s choice in taking their own life or did schools simply attract students who were emotionally unstable. Many students come into college with disorders such as depression, eating disorders, and personality problems. This contributes to the rising number of student suicides. Since then, universities have been trying to help students with mental disorders and students who develop them while in college by offering mental health centers and counseling. Some universities have even taken the measure to give students with disorders an extended deadline and fewer courses a semester. Colleges and universities have provided a lot for students to be mentally and physically healthy on their campus, so this begs the question: How can the nature of college lead a student to commit suicide?

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This article says that “the

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