Relation of Fetishism to Today's Fashion Industry

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ASSIGNMENT TITLE- HOW WOULD YOU RELATE KRAFFT-EBBING’S ORIGINAL ANALYSIS OF SEXUAL FETISHISM, LATER DEVELOPED BY FREUD, TO CONTEMPORARY FASHION? UNIT TITLE- COMMODIFYING DESIRE DEGREE- FdA- FASHION MARKETING AND PROMOTION STUDENT NAME- MISS HITALI SHAH STUDENT ID NUMBER- SHA 07217955 WORD COUNT- 2500 WORDS ‘Fetishizing is the norm for males, not for females’ (Stoller, cited in Steele, 1996). Is there little wonder then that Freud’s later development of Krafft-Ebbing’s definition of fetishism relates almost solely to the male sex? As a woman, I can safely say that the very idea of even sexually fantasizing about a sole male body part, let alone an article of male clothing, seems highly unimaginative, if not perverse.…show more content…
This draws the question of what is ‘sexy’. Where lays the boundary between ‘normal’ and ‘abnormal’ sexual behaviour and attraction? Most people are not even aware of the fact that they may be fetishists of some sort. Often times, most people shy away from accepting this fact about themselves, because fetishism though considered ‘cool’ only internally, is still a condemned sexual perversion on the outside, and no one wants to be labelled a pervert. However, I often wonder if people consciously act the way they do when it comes to their shopping habits only to fulfil their fetishist instincts and desires that exist on a subconscious level. Freud also introduced another theory, that of the ‘Phallic Woman’. She is the woman who embodies eternal and complete phallic symbolism, either covertly or overtly, depending on the man looking at her. However, Freud’s interpretation and subsequent explanation of this is not sufficient. He leaves a lot to desire by actually discounting a woman’s craving or point of view in this theory. Ideally, it is only applicable to men, as genetically, women do not have penises. Even in the case of men, it has been said that ‘If the penis were a phallic symbol, men would not need…neckties or medals.’ (Steele, Pg 17, 1996) For men, neckties, medals, fast cars, guns etc hold a deep sense of phallic

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